Sport Medicine NF President Promises a Close Follow-up

Sport Medicine NF President Promises a Close Follow-up
Referring to the comprehensive program of the Sports Medicine Federation for the health of the Olympic champions, Dr. Gholamreza Norouzi stated that the Sports Medicine Federation is closely monitoring the health status of the champions.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Dr. Norouzi said: “The Sports Medicine Federation has always tried to provide the best services to its target community, including Olympic champions and national team athletes from all over the country. In this regard, it has provided the necessary specialized services to the national team in major sports venues, such as the Olympic Games and the Asian Games before dispatch, during the Games and after the Games, which is important in the Olympic and Asian Games as well”.

The president of the Sports Medicine Federation added: "For the Tokyo 2020, the formation of health records for the Olympics began in 2019, and due to the postponement of the games because of the Corona virus pandemic, the Sports Medicine Federation has monitored the issue of creating a culture of physical activity during the pandemic, and has closely controlled the health of the Olympic champions, and this is still being pursued”.

Referring to the extensive activities of the federation in fighting with the pandemic, he said: "In a situation where the corona had not yet entered our country, the Sports Medicine Federation carried out extensive training activities in this field and fortunately now the national Olympic vaccination is coming to an end”.

The President of the Sports Medicine Federation pointed out: "In any case, with the support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the National Olympic Committee, we are ready to meet any medical needs of the Olympic national team. In this regard, we monitor their health on a weekly basis. We do not withhold any service. Careful work is being done on the issue of anti-doping, and the National Anti-Doping Organization (Iran NADO) has a complete program, including sampling and publishing training packages in cyberspace and providing advice to the Olympians”.

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