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Regulations of Oral History of IRAN Sport Policy-making Council

Given the widespread dimensions of the role and mission of the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, including promoting, preserving and maintaining values, sports implicit experiences and also principles of the Olympism among different communities of the society, the Oral History Policy Council of Iran is formed based on Article 2 of the Statute of the National Olympic Committee of Iran (version 2013) and Olympic Charter p.13 (version 2015) with the command and support of the President of the National Olympic Committee in 2018.

Article 1: Council Combination

1-1.        Oral History Policy-making Council consists of the following people who have been approved by the President of the National Olympic Committee:

1-    Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri , President of Council & NOC President
2-    Dr. Reza Gharakhanlou , Vice President  & NOA President
3-    Ms. Shahrzad Kordbacheh   Secretary, Director of Center of Studies, Cultural Affairs & Communication
4-    Mr. Mahmoud Abdollahi ,  Member, NOC Public Relations Director
5-    Dr. Abdolhamid Ahmadi , Member & Ministry of Sport and Youth Deputy to Culture & Development Affairs
6-    Mr. Masoud Asharafi  ,  Member & Acting Secretary General of National Paralympic Committee
7-    Dr. Gholamreza Azizi  ,   Member, Faculty Board Member of the Organization for Documents & National  Library and Chairman of Documents Research Center  
8-    Dr. Habibollah Esmaeili ,  Member & Director of Museum, Library and Documents Center
9-    Ms. Nahid Karimi  ,  Member
10-  Dr. Seyed Nasrollah Sajadi  , Member& NOC Senior Advisor
11-  Mr. Hossein Sebti  ,   Member, Documentary Filmmaker
12-  Mr. Gholamhossein Shabani  , Member, NOC Media Commission Chairman
13-  Ms. Tahereh Taherian  ,   Member & NOC Vice President
14-  Mr. Mehdi Zanganeh  ,   Member, Documentary Filmmaker

The chairman of the council will be appointed by the approval of the President of National Olympic Committee and the council secretary will be appointed by the suggestion of committee president and members’ approval

8-1.        The policy-making council can have individuals as new members or guests in order to take advantage of expert opinions
8-2.        The quorum for the sessions of the council and its approvals will be reached by the presence of half of the members plus one
Note 1: In the absence of the chair of the council, the meeting will be chaired by the vice chairman
Note2: The issuance of a new Letter of Assignment for members of the Council after the expiry of their four-year activity period will be allowed.

Article 2: Council Obligations

Oral History Policy Council will decide about following issues:
2-1. Setting the framework of Iran Oral History Codification, Reviewing and approving medium-term & long-term plans related to oral history of Iran
2-2. Approval of the required regulations and technical instructions for oral history of Iran’ sport
2-3. Investigation and approval of research projects related to oral history of Iran’ sports
2-4. Approval of research projects related to Oral History of Iran's sport, based on the process envisioned in the attached proposed flowchart, which is an integral part of this regulation.
2-5. Selection of supervisors and advisors for the approved projects of oral history of Iran’ sports
2-6. Selection of Judges for the approved projects of oral history of Iran’ sports

Article3: Implementation

3-1.The sessions of policy council will be held at least once every 15 days, and extraordinary meetings will be held if necessary
3-2.The members of the policy council will be able to co-operate as an executor, advisor or supervisor of the projects
3-3.The policy council can form some specialized working groups to expedite executive process
Note 3: Working group members are elected by the policy-making council and one of the council member will be elected as the secretary of the specialized working group
Note 4: The approvals of the specialized working groups are as the approvals of the policy council, however, given the need for the policy council member to be aware of the decisions and approval of the specialized working groups, their secretaries of are required to report on their activities and approvals to the policy council
This regulation has been approved by the members of the Oral History Policy-making Council of Iran in 3 Articles and 4 Notes on 14th August 2018 and takes effect by the approval of the President of Iran National Olympic Committee.

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