Initiated by NOC President:

“Boards of Honor” at the Olympians’ Home Doors

“Boards of Honor” at the Olympians’ Home Doors
NOC Directors and officials visited the former champions and Iranian Olympians in different Olympic Games editions at their homes, awarding them the “Boards of Honor” in commemorating and commending their achievements and performance; the Boards are supposed be assembled at their house entrance.

Iran NOC; Tehran: To accomplish the NOC President’s initiative, Mr. Hassan Rangraz, National Sport, Olympic & Paralympic Museum Director, managed to meet the former Olympians and medalists in 6 different cities. NOC Public Relations Director Mr. Abdollahi, NOC Advisor Dr. Montaghami and Mr. Behdad Salimi, former wrestling champion accompanied the Museum Director in the visits.

It is highlighted that in the near future, the Olympians’ busts will be placed in nearby parks so as to glorify their honors.

Dec 28, 2019 10:18

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