NOC President Receives Iraqi Sports Minister

NOC President Receives Iraqi Sports Minister
Ahmad Riaz Taleb, Iraqi Minister of Sports & Youth met with Iranian NOC President.

Tehran, NOC, 27 Jul 2019: Last week on 24th of July, the Iraqi Sports Minister paid a visit to National Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Museum and sat around the negotiation table with Dr. Salehi Amiri, NOC President.

Pointing out the brotherhood between the two countries and highlighting the post war positive mutual ties; NOC President stated: “Iran NOC and Iran Ministry of Sports & Youth are working closely without any disputes while both are functioning as sports apexes in the country; which means, not only we are friends but also have managed to solve the problems through structural modifications”.

“a decision-making think-tank has been created entitled -Tokyo 2020 Olympic Preparation Headquarter- through which both NOC and Sports & Youth Ministry decide on different sports issues” said the NOC President emphasizing the fruitful cooperation with Iran Ministry of Sports & Youth.

The Iraqi Sports Minister also expressed his satisfaction for being in Iran and highlighted the role of NOC and Sports Ministry for leading to the best results and held: “I am glad for being among the Iranian brothers. Iraq is honored to benefit from the management experience in Iranian sports because the results and the achievements are indicative of an onward breakthrough and promotion. I believe Iraqi sports have come tumbling down for many years; but, now we have done our best to save it, to survive the hard days and to prosper”.   

Ahmad Riaz Taleb highlighted that one irritating problem in Iraqi’s sports is that although new individuals have taken over the position after dictatorship, modifying some rules and regulations optimizing them is a difficult step that has to be taken.

The Iraqi Sports Minister also stated: “my colleagues and I have made efforts to amend and modify the structure focusing on rules, budget and improvement of international interactions”.

“Iraqi nation and government have higher potential than what we have at present to expand cooperation and all 53 Iranian NFs are prepared to share their experience with their Iraqi counterparts” said Dr. Salehi Amiri while confirming the positive cooperation with Iraq.

Jul 28, 2019 12:47

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