41st EB Session Held

41st EB Session Held
The 41st session of the NOC Executive Board was held yesterday.

According to the report released by NOC Public Relations Department, and highlighted by Dr. Kaykavos Saeidi, NOC Acting Secretary-General and Spokesman, in the first part of the session, Mr. Ramezi, President of Labor Sports Federation briefly explained the condition of their teams which participated in the recent world championship and the awards they had managed to achieve in the event.

EB Members also discussed the request made by the Labor Sports Federation as to joining the NOC General Assembly as a Member which became pending until further consideration.

“the report submitted by Dr. Seye Nasrollah Sajjadi, the Chef de Mission for Iranian delegation in Tokyo 2020, was heard and all members were informed of the measures taken by the organizing committee”.

“we will also enjoy having some cultural activities related to our delegation in cooperation with the Iranian embassy in Japan” said Dr. Kaykavos Saeidi, NOC Acting Secretary-General and Spokesman.

Jul 22, 2019 09:48

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