Iran stands 7th in Youth Olympic Games

Iran stands 7th in Youth Olympic Games
The third Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ended with the Islamic Republic of Iran's Sports Caravan winning seven gold medals, three silver and four bronze medals and climbed 17 ranks compared to the rank of 7th in the previous games.

Iran stands 7th in Youth Olympic Games
Iran's sports caravan with 49 athletes, including one athlete in the sport of swords, three athletes in the athletics, four in the three-player basketball, six in taekwondo, one in boxing, four in freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman, two in weightlifting, one in riding, five in karate, two in judo, one in swimming, three in inflatable sailing and canoe, one in table tennis, one in gymnastics, two in shooting, 10 in Futsal and two in archery traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where, in the first round of the 2010 Olympic Games in Singapore, with two golds, two silver and one bronze medals stood at the 26th and second Youth Olympic Games in China with three gold medals and three bronze medals stood at the 24th place of the games.

Meanwhile, Iran's sports caravan won the medal in the third Olympic Games of the youth with its historical record total of 14 medals for the first time in the field of gymnastics and karate (first appearance). It is noteworthy that with 17 ranks climbing compared to the previous period was ranked seventh in Medal Rankings and above the United States.

Oct 27, 2018 08:57

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