Today Iran speaks to world with language of sport

Today Iran speaks to world with language of sport
Head of National Olympic Committee Seyyed Reza Salehi-Amiri said on Tuesday that today Iran talks with the world with the language of sport, as it believes that disputes will be of no avail.

Today Iran speaks to world with language of sport
Addressing a ceremony to see off Iran’s sport delegation to Jakarta, he added, “Today, sport is experiencing peace and stability and we tried to forge unity in the field through cohesion and convergence.”

All the Iranian athletes whether they win medal or not are dear and considered national assets, the official said, noting, “We do not want them only for medals, as they are real assets of the Iranian sport community.”

Sport community needs stability and Sport and Youth Ministry brought stability to the sport, Salehi-Amiri said, noting that National Olympic Committee is standing by the ministry.

“We selected ‘One Iran One Voice’ as the motto of the Iranian sport delegation, as a unified voice forges unity and brings success,” he said, noting that a single voice speaks louder.

He further noted that you athletes make the mouths of the Iranian sweet through your successes under the strict economic conditions.

During the ceremony 11 athletes in various fields were honored.

Aug 1, 2018 10:23

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