Iran received 1st medal in students' powerlifting

Iran received 1st medal in students' powerlifting
In the 3rd Men's University Powerlifting Cup in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Iranian Navid Yazdani could receive a silver medal in -74kg weight category.

Iran received 1st medal in students; powerlifting
Yazdani could lift 187.5 kg in scout press and 155 in leg press.

There are three other Iranian participants from Payam-e Noor University – namely Mohammad Reiesi (-83kg), Mohsen Salarinejad (-93kg), and Mohammad Abbasabadi (-120kg) – to participate in the competitions.

The event started on July 9 and will finish on 14 July in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Jul 14, 2018 08:58

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