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    NOC History

The idea of founding sport federations & organizations was brought into being following the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games, after an eight-year lapse for organizing the 1916 Olympic Games & after World War I. Apart from traditional sports such as conventional Iranian wrestling (famous and known in Iran as Zurkhane sports), fencing, equestrian, shooting and polo which had been popular from long ago in Iran, football was the first team sport which began its activities by 1992 after Antwerp Olympic Games & International Olympic Congress in 1922. Subsequently, a group of government officials and volunteers got together in order to plan, arrange and run the relevant competitions within the framework of a board or federation. 


As the years in question saw ever-increasing trend of development in terms of making and planning for youth sporting activities within an official body, immediately after the World War II and nomination within an official body of 1948 Olympic Games city, the idea of forming sport federations based on international principles became necessary which demanded an interaction with the IOC and finally led to formation of 15 National Federation (Nfs) and the very entity of National Olympic Committee. Subsequently, in order for the NFs to become members of their relevant IFs (International Federation) and likewise for the NOC to become an IOC member, necessary measures were taken and Iran National Olympic Committee (Iran NOC) was officially recognized by the IOC a year later in 1947.

Communications with the IOC officials and its Swedish President, Sigfrid Edström, led to the official recognition of Iran NOC by June 20, 1947 following which the first Iranian delegation managed to participate in 1948 Olympic Games.

An autonomous, non-profit and financially independent body, the National Olympic Committee, is considered to be a public non-governmental organization in pursuant to single article of Parliament approved by the Iranian Guardian Council on July 20, 1994.

2.   NOC Duties

According to principles of the Olympic Charter the National Olympic Committee is founded to promote sports, educate the youth, support Olympic Movement, promote sport events and programs of Olympic and Asian Games as well as taking measure promoting peace and enhancing sport ethics.

Composed of the General Assembly, Executive Board and Board of Directors, the National Olympic Committee is to fulfill the following duties:

1.     Assisting in training and education of the active youth of the country and encouraging the public to maintain their health and well-being through a positive participation in sports activities as to materialize verse 59 of Anfal Sura from Holy Quran.

2.     Endeavoring to develop high-performance sport through scientific and technical research aimed at developing potential talents and promoting physical, mental and intellectual abilities of athletes in the country.

3.     Participating in the Winter and Summer Olympics and dispatching athletes to competitions held within the framework of such events. As the representative of Islamic Republic of Iran, National Olympic Committee has exclusive authority in the said events within regional, continental and international levels.

4.     Supervising the proper implementation of international sporting rules in conformity with provisions of the Olympic Charter and International Olympic Committee regulations for propagating the principles of "Olympism" at national level.

5.     Continuously interacting with International Olympic Committee, councils, associations and other organizations affiliated to IOC, international federations, continental confederations and NOCs.

6.     Reviewing and approving stastutes of federations and sports organizations and preserving their rights.

7.     Preparing and dispatching of Iranian athletes to the Olympic Games, Asian Games, Paralympics, Islamic Solidarity Games and competitions held by the IOC. Iran NOC takes the responsibility on the conduct of Iranian athletes and delegations.

8.     Acquainting the public with Olympic tenets and Charter and encouraging them to support the Olympic Movement.

9.     Cooperating with the running affairs of National Olympic Academy, the Olympic Museum and holding exhibitions.

10. Developing and implementing educational programs to promote the objectives of the Olympic Movement.

11. Providing the National Olympic Committee's flag, logo and anthem, which must have been approved by the IOC Executive Board as to using them for the events related to the Olympic Games.

12. Reviewing and deciding on reports that are within the scope of the NOC duties and responsibilities, received from federations and other national and international sports organizations, coaches, referees, or athletes, etc.

13. Holding domestic and international training courses in Iran in cooperation with Olympic Solidarity, relevant federations and domestic and international sport organizations.

14. Dispatching experts to international training courses abroad.

15. Cooperating with the regional, Asian and international sport federations whose offices are based in Iran.

16. Supporting the West Asian Games Federation, the Islamic Solidarity Sport Federation of the Islamic Countries and the National Paralympic Committee in terms of financial administrative and other technical issues.

17. Holding consultative meetings presented by president and secretaries-general of NFs with the NOC Executive Board.

18. Meeting with the presidents and secretaries of Iran-based sport confederations every three months to review their affairs and provide them with necessary assistance within NOC possibility.

19. Contributing to the advancement of the role of women in sports through providing the conditions for their participation in international assemblies, as well as conducting technical and management courses, and educating women sports leaders.

20. Establishing effective and sound interaction with governmental and non-governmental organizations for developing and promoting sports so as to avoid the National Olympic Committee being involved in activities that are in conflict with the Olympic Charter.

21. Supporting public organizations, including sports clubs, as to dispatching students, labors, and armed forces to international competitions and assemblies.

22. Taking necessary measures to fight any kind of discrimination, violence and corruption in sports.

23. Countering any kind of leverage exerted by individuals, organizations and groups against the Olympic Charter.

24.  Compiling and codifying books, publications and sport, cultural and artistic articles and news related to the Olympic Movement and technical regulations of international federations.

25. Devoting one day or one week per year under the title of "Olympic Day" with the "Olympic Week" in cooperation with the IOC, encouraging the children, the youth and to arrange simple sporting event.

26. Nominating a host volunteer city for Olympic Games in the country (within particular authority of the National Olympic Committee).

27. Preparing and maintaining medical, tehcnical and disciplinary records of champions and athletes nationally and the results of Asian and world games.

28. Fighting against unauthorized (illegal) doping drugs banned by the International Olympic Committee with international federations and providing athletes with constant medical supervisions as to monitoring them in healthy condition through establishing well-equipped doping labs.

29. Forming economic entities to help finance the expenses and costs of the NOC.

30. Cooperating and coordinating with the organizations responsible for protecting the environment as to access healthy environment and maintain environmental centers.

31. Concluding contracts with domestic sponsors in line with current national and international rules based on the IOC regulations.

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